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Fat Shaming and Behavior Change

Fat Shaming and Behavior Change

Shame is a destructive emotion. Yet many people still do it thinking it'll change behavior. Here are better ways to help those you love make changes.

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Cheese and Jam Stuffed French Toast

Cheese and Jam Stuffed French Toast

This is how french toast is meant to be made. Indulge your taste buds without expanding your waist. Only 255 calories and 10 grams of sugar.

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Video - How Much Salt?

How Much Salt?

Find out how much salt you SHOULD be eating, and what the extra is doing to your health.

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Latest News

NEW Website!

After months of work, we've finally released a completely new and mobile friendly version of our website. There are still fixes and tweaks we'll be making over the next several weeks, but you can now read it easily on the smaller screens.

SPECIAL NOTE: The only section that's NOT fully mobile friendly are the articles. We've transferred several hundred of them, but we still have about a hundred fifty left. We will be done with them in the next couple weeks, in the meantime thanks for your patience as you see two different systems.

Holiday Light Show

On December 10th we'll unleash our holiday light show, a complete re-design from years past. Synchronized to play with music over an FM station (88.8) you can watch the show from 7:00 pm until 11:00 pm seven nights a week. It's happening at the WeBeFit Training Center, 1277 1st street in Key West, FL.

Below is a link to our show in 2011. We'll update it with the new display in December!

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