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The Diet is Dead - Paperback Edition

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The Diet is Dead

Traditional diets work, for a little while, but they rarely produce lasting results. You lose the weight, your metabolism drops and then you pack on even more pounds.

  • In this book you're going to learn why traditional diets fail on a psychological level, dooming you from the start.

  • The huge health mistakes you make by trying to eat food you don't like because someone says it's good for you.

  • How one small thing each week can change your life.

  • This book offers detailed explanations and in-depth analysis. If you're looking for something easier and don't care about the intricate details, check out our new book below called Fixing Fat.

Fixing Fat - Paperback Edition

Fixing Fat

We've spent nearly five years going through thousands of studies to figure out what REALLY works. No fad diets. No gimmicky devices. Just simple, clinically proven things you can do to drop the fat.

Each program is briefly explained, to help you understand why it works and how to start doing it yourself.

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Shipping September 30th 2015!