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Five Reasons You're Still Fat
Plus Five Ways to Make a Change

Sometimes, when people ask a question, they don't want an answer. If you run into someone and they say, "How're you doing?" they aren't really expecting you to tell them. They're generally happy with a polite "I'm fine, how are you?"

Other times when people ask questions, they may want an answer; they just don't want the truth. When a friend shows up for a party and says, "How do I look?" They don't want your opinion; they're fishing for a compliment like, "You look great!"

I can handle those situations. The problem I have is when people ask me questions about my passion, health and fitness. Then my mouth editor turns off and I tell them the complete, unvarnished truth. The toughest question I get is quite simple. People pull me aside and ask, "Why am I still fat?"

Now they usually follow their question with "I'm working out every day!" or "I eat healthy!" Well, I've got news for you. You can say you're doing all sorts of things, but the results of your actions will show.

The five main reasons why the majority of Americans are STILL fat.

Reason #1: You're gullible. Reason #1: You're gullible. Quit relying on the latest fad diet, trendy exercise program, dubious supplements or miracle weight loss pills. Companies spend hundreds of millions of dollars every year, convincing people that they have the answer. Then they fill their ads with testimonials, pseudo-scientific garbage and pictures of pretty people to make you believe it's true.

No matter WHAT you read, there's no such thing as a miracle cure. No pill, book, secret exercise routine or diet fad is going to melt the fat off your body without work from you. Ignore them ALL and make a resolution you won't waste another minute on them ever again.

Reason #2: You listen to the wrong people. Reason #2: You listen to the wrong people. If you see a program being touted by a celebrity, remember it's not the program that got them in shape. A celebrity can afford to hire a secret weapon that I affectionately call a Twinkie Slapper.

That's right. If you're rich, you don't have to exercise self-control. You just hire a Twinkie Slapper to follow you around wherever you go. That person's sole responsibility is to slap the Twinkies, donuts, French fries or anything else inappropriate out of your hands before they touch your lips. It doesn't matter what the diet program says to do. Celebrities have agents, personal assistants, nutritionists, trainers and personal chefs all making sure their meal ticket gets (or stays) in shape. You unfortunately, are on your own.

Reason #3: You drink your calories. Reason #3: You drink your calories. When you're thirsty, it's easy to down a glass full of juice without even thinking. One level measuring cup of orange juice is 9.2 ounces and has 128 calories, 29 grams of carbs and a whopping 23 grams of sugar. That's 1/3 of the sugar you're supposed to drink the entire day. Even worse, the average glass of juice is actually 3 cups and contains more sugar than 3.5 servings of Dairy Queen soft-serve ice cream!

Add the calories from a post-workout smoothie along with a morning coffee and cream and it adds up quickly. You're facing a dietary disaster that can easily help you gain a pound a week. Put the calorie-loaded drinks down.

Drink water when you're thirsty. Take your coffee and tea black, or with fat-free milk and fat-free cream only. Don't fill things with sugar. If you must have something else, explore diet sodas and calorie-free drinks you mix in water. Limit yourself to no more than one 8 ounce glass of juice a day.

Reason #4: You won't count your calories. Reason #4: You won't count your calories. When I ask people how much they spend a month on rent or a mortgage, most know that number to the penny. When I ask people to estimate how much their electric bill averages, they're usually within 10% of the number. But when I ask people how many calories they eat in a day, the average person is off by more than 40%!

Food you eat while watching TV, candy you pick up at the checkout line and snacks you grab at work or a bar all add up. To make a difference, you have to keep track of how many calories you SHOULD eat every day and how many you're ACTUALLY eating. Once you match those two numbers up, you'll be able to change the composition of your body.

Reason #5: You don't workout Reason #5: You don't workout. If you don't sweat a little, you can't expect your muscles to magically grow. But 30 minutes in a gym isn't going to solve all your problems either. You've got to exercise AND increase the activities in your daily life.

Use a gym, health club or home workout equipment to build muscle. Then wear a pedometer and make sure you're walking 8-10 thousand steps a day on top of your workouts. The combination of exercise and increased daily activities will help you get in shape.

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