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Fitness Tune-Up

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Fitness Tune-Up

In a rut? Want a new routine? Need help with your form or breaking through a plateau? Try a Fitness Tune-Up.

There are no long-term commitments. We help you build a new routine and send you back on your own.

Tune-Up Includes:

Initial Consultation & Evaluation
Body Analysis
Personalized Training Program
Three 55 Minute Long Sessions or Six 25 Minute Standard Sessions

Packages Cost $412*

All prices are based on you working out at the WeBeFit Training Center. There is an additional charge if you want us to train you in your home.

*Package prices are higher if you choose to train with Dan Reynen. Both packages are $560 with Dan Reynen. These prices reflect all discounts available. Your trainer can provide exact pricing and details.

Call for a FREE Consultation

(305) 296-3434

Albert HerasmeLeigh PujadoDan ReynenMartina BevisMaciej (Magic) Pawlikowski

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  • Why Hire WeBeFit Trainers?

    You hire a personal trainer to get results. Losing fat, gaining muscle, recovering from an illness or dealing with an injury. Each of those goals require different skills from a trainer. So with WeBeFit, you don't just get a trainer, you get a company.

    All our trainers work as a team. We meet weekly to go over our clients progress, be updated on the latest research and help each other devise ways to help move people to the next level. When a trainer goes out of town, they make sure you're scheduled with one of their co-workers so your routine isn't interrupted.

    We employ a full time research team to dig deep for our clients.

    Would you like to cut your cardio workouts from 6 hours a week to 45 minutes and get better results? We'll teach you the technique.

    Want to learn how to choose food that's healthy for you? Our Food Label Secrets class will show you how to read a nutrition label in 10 seconds or less.

    Having problems getting motivated? We send out daily fitness tips, ideas and recipes via Twitter and Facebook to help inspire you.

    Curious how much food you can REALLY eat to meet your goal? We test your metabolism to give you an exact number.

    Need ideas of what to eat? We've tested thousands of recipes to find meals that are both tasty and nutritionally balanced.

    When you train with WeBeFit, you get more than a trainer, you get an entire company dedicated to helping you achieve your goals.