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Food Label Secrets

Have you ever wondered how to REALLY tell what food is good for you and what should stay on the shelf? After watching these video courses you'll know how to read a food label and figure out in 8 seconds or less if it's good for YOU.

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Each section is made up of several videos that you can watch at your leisure. Videos range in length from about 6 to 15 minutes each. At the end of each section is an assignment to help you put your new knowledge to use.

After you have watched all the videos, we suggest you join us for our "Supermarket Secrets Tour." If you live in (or are visting Key West) we take you through one of the local supermarkets and help you put your knowledge to practical use. Our goal is to help you find healthier versions of the foods you already enjoy. Click Here for more information on our Supermarket Secrets tour.

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Fat, Salt & FiberProtein & Supplements
Sugar & Artificial SweetenersPutting it all Together

Food Label Secrets - Fat, Salt & Fiber

Food Label Secrets - Protein & Supplements

Food Label Secrets - Sugar & Artificial Sweeteners

Food Label Secrets - Putting it all Together

The information presented is based on established facts and clinical studies, not speculation or hype. WeBeFit has not received any compensation from any company or product mentioned in any of the videos.

To help pay for these courses, we have placed ads (clearly marked) on each page where videos appear. We do not choose the products in those ads, they are placed by Google based on the content of the page.

WeBeFit does not endorse or recommend any products that may appear in the ads. But if they interest you, feel free to click on them and explore.