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Honeydew Melon & Jell-O

Honeydew Melon & Jell-O - Picture

Calories 107 (3% from fat)
Fat .3 gram
Saturated Fat 0 gram
Trans Fat 0 gram
Cholesterol 0 mg.
Sodium 135 mg.
Carb. 24 gram
Fiber 2.5 gram
Sugar 20 gram
Sugar Alcohol 0 gram
Protein 1 gram


1 large honeydew melon

1 cup fresh strawberries, chopped

1 cup boiling water

1 package (.6 oz.) Sugar-Free Cherry Jell-O

1/2 cup unsweetened applesauce

low-fat whipped topping

1. Cut the melon in half, from bud to stem. Scoop out the seeds and throw them out. Then cut a slice out of the bottom of each half so the melon will sit level.

2. Pour the boiling water in a bowl. Then mix in the cherry Jell-O. Quickly stir in the applesauce and strawberries until it's thoroughly combined. Spoon the Jell-O mixture into each melon half until they're full to the top. Cover with a plastic wrap and let them harden in the refrigerator overnight.

3. When you're ready to serve, cut each half into 3 servings. Then cut away the rind from the melon "meat." To make it easier to eat, slice each melon into chunks. Finally garnish with low-fat whipped topping.

Yield: 6 Servings

Honeydew Melon & Jell-O 

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