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Fixing Fat
The Diet is Dead
True Secrets of... Revealed!

Fixing Fat - Paperback Edition

Fixing Fat

Often even great ideas fail. Not for the typical reasons we tend to think of, such as poor execution, inflated costs or even bad marketing. Nope. The single greatest cause behind an idea failure is complexity. When something is too complicated, people tend to ignore, disregard or simply abandon it.

I wrote those words in 2006 for an article titled, "Focus on Achievement." Until I wrote that article, when people asked for advice I tended to give them far more information than they could handle. I wanted to help them fix everything at once and it was overwhelming. Very few people were seeing results.

That's when I decided to try something different. I would help people pick one important thing to focus on. Then I would have them concentrate on that single action for at least 30 to 60 days, until it became a habit.

It worked. Those simple actions, carried out repeatedly over time, were helping my clients achieve things they had only dreamt about. The key to success was consistency and simplicity.

That's when I started my search for workable actions. I didn't want to have people focus on simple things that didn't work. I started collecting tips and ideas, things that healthy people are supposed to do. Then I looked for clinical trials that actually tested those ideas. I would make a list of the actions that worked and were backed by proof. I thought it might take me a year or two.

Nine years later, I finished my first list. I took hundreds of tips and after eliminating what didn't work, what wasn't proven and the duplicates, I ended up with 54 things you can do to live a healthier and happier life. Many are remarkably simple. Drinking a couple glasses of water before each meal or changing the size of your dinner plate.

I've put them all together in one place, this book titled Fixing Fat. To make it easy as possible, I start each action item with a sentence or two, telling you what to do. That's followed with a few paragraphs telling you how to take the action and in some cases, how or why it works. Then I wrap it up with a list of the clinical trial or trials that proved it.

Every suggestion is laid out the same. Action. Details. Proof.

You simply flip through the book, find an action you want to take and concentrate on doing it for the next 30 to 90 days. Once it becomes a habit, open the book and choose the next one. Those simple actions, carried out repeatedly over time, will help YOU achieve your goals, just like they've helped my clients.

What are you waiting for? What action will you take today?

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The Diet is Dead - Paperback Edition

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The Diet is Dead

Traditional diets work, for a little while, but they rarely produce lasting results. You lose the weight, your metabolism drops and then you pack on even more pounds.

  • In this book you're going to learn why traditional diets fail on a psychological level, dooming you from the start.

  • The huge health mistakes you make by trying to eat food you don't like because someone says it's good for you.

  • How one small thing each week can change your life.

  • This book offers detailed explanations and in-depth analysis. If you're looking for something easier and don't care about the intricate details, check out our simple steps book called Fixing Fat.

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