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Veggies and Dressing Slow Cooker

Veggies and Dressing Slow CookerVeggies and Dressing Slow Cooker

Calories 321 (29% from fat)
Fat 10 gram
Saturated Fat 3.7 gram
Trans Fat 0 gram
Cholesterol 70 mg.
Sodium 1325 mg.
Carb. 44 gram
Fiber 5 gram
Sugar 13 gram
Sugar Alcohol 0 gram
Protein 9 gram

Breakdown WITHOUT our Cornbread

Calories 149 (40% from fat)
Fat 6.7 gram
Saturated Fat 2.4 gram
Trans Fat 0 gram
Cholesterol 46 mg.
Sodium 1038 mg.
Carb. 15 gram
Fiber 2.6 gram
Sugar 5 gram
Sugar Alcohol 0 gram
Protein 4 gram


1 (8 x 8 inch) pan of cornbread, crumbled (Click Here for our cornbread recipe.)

2 cups chopped onion

2 cups chopped celery

2 tsp. dried sage

1 1/2 tsp. salt

1 tsp. poultry seasoning

1/2 tsp black pepper, ground

1/2 cup light butter
(We used Land O Lakes Light Butter with Canola Oil.)

2 whole large eggs, beaten

2 (10.5 oz.) cans of lowfat cream of mushroom soup
(We used Campbell's Condensed 98% fat free Cream of Mushroom Soup.)

1 1/2 cups reduced sodium vegetable broth

1 bag (16 oz.) mixed vegetables, frozen
(We used Birds Eye Classic Mixed Vegetables 16 oz. Bag.)

Their are two versions of this recipe. The one you see here is a Vegetarian one. You can also CLICK HERE for the CHICKEN version.

Both require cornbread for the recipe. To make things easier, you can CLICK HERE for our CORNBREAD recipe. If you choose to use cornbread you buy or make it with a different recipe, the second set of nutritional information is for everything BUT the cornbread. That way you simply have to enter YOUR cornbread nutritional information to get the correct totals.

All this information is also already in MyFitnessPal. Simple enter WeBeFit as the company and the exact name of the recipe above. You can then choose between the one with OUR cornbread or YOURS.

1. Use the cornbread recipe provided for lowest fat and sugar option. Otherwise you will need about 5 cups of crumbled cornbread. Put the crumbled cornbread in a large mixing bowl.

2. Stir the next six ingredients, onion, celery, sage, salt, poultry seasoning and black pepper into the crumbled cornbread.

3. Melt the butter in a microwave for about 20 seconds. Pout that into a NEW bowl (not the one with the cornbread.) Then mix in the next three ingredients, eggs, both mushroom soups and chicken broth. Whisk everything together.

4. Pour the soup mixture over top the cornbread mixture, combining everything together.

5. Pour HALF the cornbread mixture in the bottom of the slow cooker. Then make a layer with HALF the bag of frozen mixed vegetables. Cover that with the remaining cornbread mixture. Finally cover that with the remaining frozen mixed vegetables.

6. Set the cooker in high and cook for 45 minutes. Then reduce heat to low and cook for an additional 5 to 6 hours.

Yield: 9 Servings

Veggies and Dressing Slow Cooker 

Veggies and Dressing Slow Cooker

This is a Freezer Friendly Recipe!

You can freeze individual portions for easy re-heating later.

Microwave for approximately 3 - 4 minutes. Keep the container open a little to allow steam to escape.

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