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Tips for a Healthier You

At Home:

1. Dance around the house.

Tune-in to your favorite radio station and dance around the house. A 150-pound person dancing will burn about 5 calories a minute. If you dance for 15 minutes you can burn off 75 calories. If you really get good you can put together a show for one of our local cabarets.

2. Take advantage of Key West weather.

We don't have to live inside sheltered from the cold so you can do more outdoor activities. Pull weeds, tend a garden or sweep your street or sidewalk. Do it once a week and you'll not only have a nicer home but you can burn up to 225 calories every 30 minutes you sweep.

3. Wash your car weekly.

Many listeners may not have cars so if you don't, wash something in your home thoroughly once a week. It could be a floor, some windows or the shower stall and tiles. Make sure you use a bucket, we don't want to waste water and keep the hose running. If you weigh 150-pounds you'll burn an average of 4 calories every minute you spend cleaning. Scrub for 30 minutes and you can work off 120 calories.

4. Unload groceries one bag at a time.

When you bring the groceries in carry them one bag at a time. This is a "two-fer" activity. You're getting exercise lifting the bags and burning calories walking back and forth to and from the house. And when you shop make sure to fill the bags with nutritious foods like whole fruits and vegetables. The heavier produce will provide a better workout AND it's healthier than light potato chips and cookies.

5. Buy a cordless phone and headset.

In your home or office, get up and walk around when you're talking on the phone. You'll burn almost 3 times as many calories walking as you would sitting around.

6. Don't watch live TV.

It's very easy to turn the television on and get sucked into the electronic babysitter. Instead, decide in advance what programs you want to watch and record them. Then when you want to relax you can watch what you want. When the show is over get up and do something else.

At Work:

7. Park your car further away.

Park your car or get off the bus a couple of blocks early and walk the rest of the way. If you're too busy to exercise as part of your daily routine, then make it part of your commute. Just make sure to wear sensible shoes designed for brisk walking.

8. Walk to work.

Park your car and walk or take your bike to work. A brisk walk 15 minutes to work and 15 minutes home gives you the recommended minimum of 30 minutes daily exercise. Wear a helmet and lights on your bike for safety.

9. Take several quick walks.

If you've got a job that keeps you seated most of the day, get up and walk around the office for five minutes a couple of times. Those little five minute walks add up to a 35 minute walk by the end of the week, plus it breaks up the stress and monotony of a workplace routine. Set the alarm on your computer or watch to remind you.

In General:

10. Treat yourself to some fitness clothing.

It doesn't take much to workout, just make sure you cover the basics. Sensible shoes and clothes that aren't too restrictive. Shoes are very important because many of us wear them far longer than the 3 to 6 months of regular use the American Council on Exercise suggest. If shoes lose their cushioning you are far more susceptible to knee and ankle problems. Replace them regularly to help avoid injury.

11. Buy some new music.

Key West is a small town, and if you've lived here awhile you may find it difficult to get a brisk walk or exercise in without constantly running into people you know. Put on a headset and people won't interrupt you. You'll get your workout done with a higher intensity and in less time. Just make sure to stock up on rechargeable batteries. You'll save money and space in landfills.

12. Get audio books.

Reading is a wonderful pleasure. But do it in a healthy way. Instead of sitting in that overstuffed chair listen to the book as you're taking an evening walk. You'll get the entertainment and health effects.

13. Deliver messages in person.

Sending in your bill to the electric company? A letter to the editor of the Key West Citizen? Walk the bills and letters in person. You'll burn calories and save some money on stamps. Plus you'll know they got there without paying for delivery confirmation.

14. Don't take it easy.

If you have the choice between the elevator and the stairs, take the stairs. When the bike ride is only four blocks circle around and make it eight. By making small changes to everyday things you can burn off even more calories.

15. Choose a weekly "active" day.

One day a week make a promise to enjoy the outside. Go snorkeling, swimming or diving. Rollerblade along Smathers Beach. Play tennis or basketball at Bayview Park. Go hiking up the Keys. Not only will this give you something different to look forward to but you're burning calories as well.

16. Exercise with your friends.

When you're starting an exercise program it always helps to have other people provide encouragement. Exercise with friends and you are more likely to remain consistent. You can provide encouragement and motivation for each other.

17. Choose a Personal Trainer.

Someone who can help you put together the perfect workout routine for you. Working with your strengths and limitations, a personal trainer can help you set (and with some work) achieve your fitness goals. Don't wait another day!

8 Reasons to Use a Personal Trainer

1. Get Motivated
2. Personalized Workouts
3. Sports Specific Training
4. Safety
5. Consistency
6. Injury Rehabilitation
7. Look Better
8. Feel Better!

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CAUTION: Check with your doctor before
beginning any diet or exercise program.

Updated 4/13/2012