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Use a Wristband to Change Your Life
My Healthy Choice

Want to live a healthier life but can't seem to figure out how? Read on and I'll tell you about a simple system you can use to make big changes.

Think about all the choices you make every day. When will you get up? What are you going to eat? How will you get to work? Each time you make one of those decisions, you're altering your future. Do you do any of these things?

Have problems getting out of bed in the morning? Have problems getting out of bed in the morning? Instead of complaining, maybe you need to change the time you go to bed. Don't get in bed at midnight if you want to wake up refreshed at 5:00 in the morning. Make the choice to get in bed at least 8 hours before you're supposed to get up. If that means skipping a little late-night TV or Internet surfing, then do it. If you live somewhere that's noisy, get earplugs and invest in an alarm clock that shakes the bed.

Are you rushing out the door skipping breakfast or eating junk food? Are you rushing out the door, skipping breakfast or eating junk food? Make a plan to get up 15 minutes earlier so you can have a proper breakfast. Buy some fat-free milk and cereal with fiber. Have some oatmeal. Make an egg white scramble. Have healthy choices in your kitchen and give yourself some time when you wake up. Change your pattern.

Do you fight traffic and worry about parking when you go to work? Do you fight traffic and worry about parking when you go to work? On your day off, see how long it'll take if you walk, ride a bike or take the bus to your job. Walking and riding a bike can give you some exercise, taking the bus may save you money and give you time to relax while you're being driven around.

Those are examples of three different decisions you can make to live a better life. Of course, it's easy to get excited about doing things to improve yourself, but hard to follow through with a plan. So here's my simple, virtually foolproof way you can do it.

WeBeFit Rubber Wristband Pick up one of those rubber wristbands. You probably already have one lying around the house. You're going to use it to defeat those bad habits that are holding you back. Here's the secret. It's how you wear it that's going to make a difference.

STEP ONE: Start by making a healthy pledge to yourself. You're only going to start with changing ONE thing for thirty days. Maybe you'll promise to eat a healthy lunch, or walk three times a week, or you'll avoid fried food. Start your pledge with the phrase, "My Healthy Choice is..."

STEP TWO: On your calendar, circle the date 30 days from the day you made the pledge.

STEP THREE: Say your healthy choice out loud and slip the wristband on your arm. Now you're committed.

For example, this month, one of my friends put a wristband on and said, "My Healthy Choice is to eat only low cholesterol foods." He put the wristband on his arm, and there it'll stay until thirty days are up OR he breaks his promise.

Here's why this time will be different. If you break your promise, you have to move the wristband onto the opposite arm and start all over. Mark the new date on the calendar, make the pledge and do it again.

This helps you succeed three different ways.

  • First, the wristband on your arm keeps reminding you of your goal.
  • Second you are less likely to succumb to temptation because that just means you'll have to move the wristband on the other side and start over.
  • Third you win because, after 30 days of doing something, it tends to become a habit. After 30 days, you'll be much less likely to fall back into the bad habit you had.

Once you've been successful with one choice, spend a couple of days with the wristband off and decide what your next healthy choice should be. Decide on the date, make the pledge, mark it on your calendar, slip the wristband on and defeat another bad habit.

It's all up to you. You can take a simple rubber wristband and start improving your life today, one choice at a time.

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