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Shame on Kellogg's!
Baking sugar versus frying sugar are both BAD choices.

In a magazine that targets children, Kellogg's ran an ad that implied Pop-Tarts are better than Pillsbury Toaster Strudel. Their logic? Pop-Tarts are baked and Toaster Strudel is fried.

In reality, they're BOTH terrible choices! Let's look at them side-by-side.

Toaster Strudel
Max Suggested DAILY
Total Fat  
67-80 Total Daily
22% Fat - OK
42% Fat - HIGH
30% or Lower is Good
Sat. Fat  
22-27 Total Daily
Total Carbs  
25-35 Minimum or 3 per Serving
45-65 g

This is what the numbers mean. Keep in mind, the comparison only shows ONE Pop-Tart and ONE Toaster strudel. (Ever eat just ONE Pop-Tart when you open the packet? After all, they package TWO together.)

The calories for both are high. If you eat a typical PACKAGE, you'll get 400 calories from the Pop-Tarts and 380 from the Toaster Strudel. That's as much as you should eat in a small meal, not a snack.

As indicated in the AD, the Pop-Tarts are lower in fat. Only 22% of the calories come from fat while 42% of the calories in the Toaster Strudel come from fat.

In the saturated fat department, Pop-Tarts win again. If you eat two Toaster Strudel you'll get 7 grams of saturated fat, nearly 1/3 of your daily allowance.

They're both pathetically low in fiber. For foods that contain fiber, the minimum you want to get is 3 grams per serving. Both these foods have dismally low numbers.

Here's where Pop-Tarts fail. They may not have as much fat, but they've substituted SUGAR instead. The Pop-Tarts have 17 grams in a single pastry (34 grams when a single PACKAGE is eaten). That's nearly ALL the sugar you're allowed to eat in an ENTIRE DAY if you limit yourself to 2,000 calories!

The Bottom Line: Both these products are sugar and fat-filled nightmares with little nutritional redeeming value. Don't be taken in by an AD that pretends because they BAKE something it's a healthier choice.

NEITHER ONE SHOULD BE IN YOUR PANTRY. Instead, get whole fruits as a convenient and healthy treat.

[Here's a question for the Kellogg's and Pillsbury people. Why can't you make a flakey, WHOLE GRAIN pastry with a LOW SUGAR filling and perhaps a little protein thrown in? We've figured out how to make tasty protein loaves on the limited budget of a small fitness company! With all your resources, why can't you? Click Here for our Protein Loaf recipes.]

Pop Tarts versus Toaster Strudel Ad

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