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Healthy Dating Ideas
Make it memorable.

Go bowling!

When planning a date, probably the last thing on your mind is how to keep it healthy. Most people are wondering what they should say, wear and do to make a good impression. Then they plan something traditional like dinner or a movie.

If you want to be remembered, quit doing the same old thing. Do something active and set the tone for your entire relationship. Even if it doesn't work out, an active date will make you more memorable than most. Here are a few suggestions.

In the summer, find a beach or a sandbox. Bring cups and molds to build an epic sandcastle. Give yourself 30 minutes to see how tall, large or intricate you can build something. One of the most amazing sandcastles I ever saw was a series of ramps that a small ball could roll down.

In the winter, get a carrot, sticks and a hat to build a snowperson. The key is in the accessories, the more you bring the more interesting character you can create.

For something more energetic, head out to the ski slopes or find the local sledding hill. After burning off all the calories you can get closer over some cups of hot chocolate.

Go bowling, play mini-golf or visit a roller rink. If you're nervous about seeing someone, any of those activities are great excuses to have another couple join you or have a casual date with friends.

Visit your local zoo, animal park or aquarium. Many provide special tours behind the scenes, allowing you to get up close to the animals. Plan ahead and schedule the backstage tour for a big surprise. Just make sure you've brought along any special clothes or other items that your date might need.

Volunteer for a local non-profit. That might mean cooking a meal at a soup kitchen, organizing things at a charity auction or helping with a 5K race. Remember organizations like pet rescues or animal shelters. Don't just save those ideas for the holidays, non-profits need help all year long. 

Do you think dinner is the way to go? Then make it an event. Start by picking your date up and going to the grocery store. Shop for the ingredients while you learn a little about your dates likes, dislikes, food preferences and allergies. If there's a farmers market and you're particularly adventurous, plan on making the entire meal out of what you find there.

Having a picnic is good, but don't choose a typical location. Put everything in a backpack and head to a scenic viewpoint. Kayak or paddleboard to a remote beach. Take a bike ride to the perfect park. Getting there and back is half the fun, while giving you time to learn more about your date.

Play tourist in your hometown. Grab a camera and take pictures of historical buildings. Fill a pocket full of nickels and see how many fountains you can make a wish at. Pose for a snapshot in front of every bust you find. You might even try wandering around your neighborhood and taking pictures of all the interesting flowers and plants you see.

Key West Mystery Blob
Do you know where the Key West Mystery Blob is hiding?

In Key West, a fun thing to do is take a picture with your date and the Key West Mystery Blob. A local artist has placed pictures of the "Mystery Blob" all around town. Half the challenge is simply locating them.

Once you start getting serious, sign up for some dance lessons. Find a local dance studio and learn how to tango, waltz, tap, line dance or whatever strikes your fancy. Ask your partner what they might enjoy. It's fun and when you're finished you've learned a new talent.

These ideas aren't just for people who are dating, they're also great ways for people already in a relationship to grow closer together. Explore the world, have a little fun and get healthier all at the same time.

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