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Future Fitness Trends
Supplements, Diets and Tracking Devices

In the future your every movement will be tracked.
In the future your every
movement will be tracked.

The evolution of fitness has a big limitation, the numerous people trying to get in shape.

No matter what program or system is introduced, the strategy still has to work with our existing bodies. That means any improvements or breakouts must come from leveraging our physical and mental limitations. Here’s what that means for the future of fitness.

Companies that sell supplements will get even better at marketing worthless products. By using testimonials, misleading words and manipulated images, Americans will continue buying pills and potions to fix a lack of exercise and poor dietary decisions. This trend will continue until there are meaningful laws that require long-term, double-blind clinical trials for vitamins and supplements. Don’t expect supplement companies to do the right thing because most haven’t for the last 100 years.

You have to actively protect yourself:

  1. Don’t take any vitamin, pill or supplement unless you’ve had a blood test that confirms it’s something you need.
  2. Make sure it’s something your doctor recommends that won’t interfere with any medications you’re taking.
  3. Only buy products that have been tested for purity by an independent third-party. I only purchase brands verified by USP.

Diet plans will keep making outrageous claims to get followers. Marketing a balanced diet isn’t exciting enough. Expect to see more of what we’ve had in the past. Diets based on your blood type, eating special colors, eating like a caveman or eating only Twinkies. In the future, you’ll probably see diets based on your genetics, more pre-packaged food choices, or all meals prepared a specific way. Don’t be surprised if somebody claims the secret to weight loss is only consuming what you can drink that’s been blended and fits into a 12-ounce glass.

Real advances will happen when companies figure out three things:

  1. It should be just as easy to prepare healthy food as popping something in a microwave.
  2. Recipes should be healthy while also tasting good.
  3. The cost of healthy choices should be as cheap as junk food. Until that happens, Americans will continue getting fatter.

Researchers will start piecing together what all those microbes in your gut (your microbiome) are doing. As we learn, you’ll be able to get meaningful recommendations on what would be a better choice for your genetics and lifestyle. But before the real breakthroughs, there will be hundreds of fakes. Fortunes will be made when companies market foods and supplements tailored to your microbiome. However, because of its complexity, don’t expect products that work until the 2030s or the 2040s.

Your every move will be tracked even more closely than it is today. As smartphones, smartwatches, and other wearables have become mainstream; we’re getting more comfortable giving up information. First, it was just your location. Then smart devices started tracking how many steps you take, your heart rate, blood pressure, glucose and oxygen levels.

Each of those can give a snapshot of your health at a moment in time, but they’re not great at giving you a picture of your overall condition. Some companies will make a fortune when they figure out how to stitch together all that data to provide you with meaningful recommendations. They will spot harmful patterns and suggest something different.

For example, maybe you stay up later than you should and snack on junk food. A smart device might notice as it gets late, your heart rate drops. It senses that you haven’t gone to sleep; you’re just passively sitting and watching something. Then it looks at your grocery bill and notices you buy a lot of chips. A glance at your medical records and it sees weight gain and higher cholesterol. Piecing that all together, your smart device realizes that encouraging you to go to bed earlier would give you less chance of having a late-nite chip binge and leave you more rested in the morning.

Before you say there’s no way you would give somebody all that info, I’m here to tell you that you probably already do. That will only increase in the future.

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