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WeBeFit Company Code of Ethics

We will follow and uphold the principles, policies and procedures of WeBeFit as stated in the WeBeFit Handbook and all official WeBeFit publications.

We will always be honest and straightforward in all of our business dealings with customers, prospects, competitors and other WeBeFit Members.

We will never seek competitive information through improper means.

We will neither provide nor receive gifts, favors or entertainment, to or from customers, except to the extent that they are in conformity with accepted business standards, with generally accepted ethical standards, and with any applicable laws. Further, they should be of a sufficiently limited value so that they could not be construed as bribes or payoffs, and so that their public disclosure would in no way compromise or embarrass WeBeFit or any Eden Entertainment company.

We will always be accurate in describing the features/benefits/uses of a product, system, or service, whether it is WeBeFit's or a competitor's. If a prospect/customer can use and prefers a WeBeFit product that is smaller/less expensive than our recommendation, we will accept the order. If we honestly believe the customer is making a mistake, a manager of WeBeFit may pursue the matter.

We will use discretion when discussing competitive companies and will not disparage either competitors or their products or services.

We will be certain that customers understand the terms of any contracts or appointments offered by WeBeFit and will make no other express or implied warranties.