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Seven Holiday Gift Ideas

Are you having a hard time picking out the perfect holiday gift? Why not give something that will help your loved ones make a healthy change in their life. Show them you care about their wellness and don't just give the usual gifts of candies or fruitcake. Here are seven gift ideas, in various price ranges, that help promote healthy habits and shouldn't wind up in the back of the closet.

Subscription to a Fitness Magazine or Healthy Cooking Magazine

Every month they will receive new inspiration and motivation. There is a large selection for men and women in every stage of fitness. To get some ideas, go to your local bookstore and browse the titles to see ones that would be the most appropriate. You can also go online and browse the magazine websites for more information or purchase multiple subscriptions on websites like Amazon.com.

Electronic subscriptions are especially convenient for people who don't shop until the last minute. They're delivered automatically to a Kindle, Tablet or computer each month.

Here are some ideas:

Targeted to Men
Fitness RX
Men's Fitness
Men's Health
Muscle & Fitness
Targeted to Women
Women's Fitness RX
For Everybody
General and Food
Clean Eating
Cooking Light
Eating Well
Light & Tasty
Vegetarian Times
Weight Watchers
Yoga Journal

Gym Bag, Weight Gloves or Wrist Straps

You can make it easier for your loved ones to head to the gym by giving them a bag to store together the things they'll need for a workout. If you want to surprise them, include a tightly sealed bottle of their shampoo, deodorant and a sweat towel. Weight gloves can help protect their hands from developing calluses, and wrist straps help them lift weights.

Heart Rate Monitor, Fitness Tracker or Pedometer

One of the primary reasons people workout is to drop body fat. The most popular way is through cardio exercises (such as jogging, biking, or machines like the stair climber.) Unfortunately, most people don't exercise at the proper intensity level, so they don't burn as much fat during their workout. A Heart Rate Monitor or Fitness Tracker will tell them exactly what level they're exercising at. It's one of the single most important things someone can use to make sure they are exercising effectively.

A Pedometer is a great gift for the people who walk but don't know how far. A Pedometer measures the distance walked and allows the wearer to set and more accurately monitor goals.

EVEN BETTER! Buy an app for their smartphone and the hardware to measure heart rate and be read by the phone remotely. Apps like Digifit are especially good for this.

Portable Radio, Digital Audio Player or Subscription to Streaming Music App

Gyms are full of distractions. It's easy for someone working out to spend a few minutes chatting with people as they move from one exercise to another. With headphones on, it's much easier to keep focused on the task at hand, and people are far less prone to interrupt. Music can also help make longer cardio sessions more bearable.

Keep in mind that some portable radios may not work inside a gym, and people shouldn't wear headphones outside when they are in situations around traffic or riding a bike. When choosing a standing alone digital audio player, make sure it's rugged, and if they get wet, waterproof.

Smartphone users can download apps for constant streaming music. Purchase a subscription, and they can avoid commercials.

Gift Certificates for Personal Training Sessions or Massage.

A personal trainer can help the advanced athlete fine-tune their routine and move past plateaus. Newcomers to the gym can learn the proper form and techniques, plus get a routine designed by a trainer just for them. After a workout, everyone loves a massage to relax his or her muscles. You can buy gift certificates in any amount.

Want a custom workout built just for you or as a gift? Check out our online training programs here.

Membership to a gym or health club.

This is the ultimate gift for someone you care about. Working out can relieve stress, help in fat loss and muscle gaining programs. For some people, it can literally save their life. Be sure to visit clubs near the recipient's home or work to make sure they are convenient. If they already have a membership, consider adding time to their contract. Since memberships can be expensive, you might give a trial membership or agree to pay for one or two month's dues.

If none of these seem like good options for you, try a gift certificate to an athletic or health food store. Then they can pick out the clothes, equipment or foods best suited for their fitness goals.

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