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My Mask Protects You
Show the world you care.

We created a t-shirt for our clients that has a simple message. MY mask protects YOU. It's not about living in fear or becoming a communist state. It's about caring enough for my fellow humans to protect them from a deadly virus.

Since we started giving them out, we've been asked for tank tops, hoodies and even tote bags. That's why the design is now online and you have more than 30 different styles, colors and options to choose from. The Face Mask is available from one site and the shirts are available from another. The links are below.

Click Here for a face mask. (This link will open a new window.)

My Mask Protects You Face Mask

Click Here for the shirts. (This link will open a new window.)

My Mask Protects You Shirts

When I wear a simple mask, it isn't great at protecting me FROM the virus. But it's extremely effective at preventing me from SPREADING the virus. Up to 40% of the people who are infected DO NOT KNOW IT. If they walk around, without a mask, they are spreading it everywhere. If 80% of the people would wear a mask, infection rate would drop by 90%!

Lets all wear masks NOW and stop the virus. Once we stop the spread we can ditch the masks!

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